Weiyang Liu

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College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology


Email: wyliu [at] gatech [dot] edu


I am a graduate student at Georgia Tech. I have the great pleasure to work with and learn from many talented researchers.

My research interest broadly lies in machine learning and computer vision. My research goal is to develop "light-and-sweet" methods: (i) light: easy to implement in practice, (ii) sweet: having clear intuitions or non-trivial theoretical guarantees.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."    - Albert Einstein


Decoupled Networks
Weiyang Liu*, Zhen Liu*, Zhiding Yu, Bo Dai, Rongmei Lin, Yisen Wang, James M. Rehg, Le Song.

CVPR 2018 (Spotlight)

Iterative Learning with Open-set Noisy Labels
Yisen Wang, Weiyang Liu, Xingjun Ma, James Bailey, Hongyuan Zha, Le Song, Shu-Tao Xia.

CVPR 2018 (Spotlight)

Additive Margin Softmax for Face Verification
Feng Wang, Weiyang Liu, Haijun Liu, Jian Cheng.

ICLR 2018 (Workshop)    

arXiv | code

Towards Black-box Iterative Machine Teaching
Weiyang Liu*, Bo Dai*, Xingguo Li, Zhen Liu, James M. Rehg, Le Song.

Technical Report, 2017    


Deep Hyperspherical Learning
Weiyang Liu, Yan-Ming Zhang, Xingguo Li, Zhiding Yu, Bo Dai, Tuo Zhao, Le Song.

NIPS 2017 (Spotlight)    

arXiv | code | talk | slides

Iterative Machine Teaching
Weiyang Liu, Bo Dai, Ahmad Humayun, Charlene Tay, Yu Chen, Linda B. Smith, James M. Rehg, Le Song.

ICML 2017

arXiv | code | demo | talk | slides

SphereFace: Deep Hypersphere Embedding for Face Recognition
Weiyang Liu, Yandong Wen, Zhiding Yu, Ming Li, Bhiksha Raj, Le Song.
CVPR 2017

arXiv | code | project | demo | slides

Large-Margin Softmax Loss for Convolutional Neural Networks
Weiyang Liu, Yandong Wen, Zhiding Yu, Meng Yang.
ICML 2016

arXiv | code | talk | slides

KCRC-LCD: Discriminative Kernel Collaborative Representation with Locality Constrained Dictionary for Visual Categorization
Weiyang Liu, Zhiding Yu, Lijia Lu, Yandong Wen, Hui Li, Yuexian Zou.
Pattern Recognition, 48(10), 3076-3092, 2015    

arXiv | code


    • 2016    PKU Best Master Thesis Award
    • 2016    Beijing/PKU Outstanding Graduate Award
    • 2015/2014/2012    National Scholarship
  • 2015    PKU Academic Innovation Award
  • 2013    First Prize in National Postgraduate Mathematic Contest in Modeling
  • 2013    Best Bachelor Thesis Award
    • 2012    Best 10 Undergraduate Excellence Award (only 10 awardees university-wide per year)
    • 2011    Outstanding Winner (Highest Award) in Mathematical Contest in Modeling (U.S.) [SCUT Media]


Prof. Meng Yang, Sun Yat-Sen University

Prof. Yuexian Zou, Peking University

Prof. Le Song, Georgia Tech

Prof. Jim Rehg, Georgia Tech

Prof. Tuo Zhao, Georgia Tech

Prof. Yan-Ming Zhang, NLPR, CASIA

Yandong Wen, Ph.D. candidate, CMU

Zhiding Yu, Research Scientist, NVIDIA

Zhen Liu, M.S. student, Georgia Tech

Bo Dai, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Xingguo Li, Ph.D. candidate, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Zhehui Chen, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Tech

Jianhan Mei, Ph.D. candidate, Nanyang Technological University

Rongmei Lin, Ph.D. student, Emory University

Yisen Wang, Ph.D. candidate, Tsinghua University

Feng Wang, Ph.D. candidate, UESTC

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